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2,481 €/m2


El Enclave .. those who know La Herradura get something dreamy in their eyes when they hear the name.

There is very rarely anything for sale here.

La Herradura has a hilly stretch of coast with protected land and above all the coast, which makes it very unusual to find homes near the sea. Enclave is an urbanization located next to the water and which even has private access to the sea via a short path from the pool area. You have a private jetty and storage space for a kayak down by the jetty. A short swim from there and you reach a small hidden "paradise beach".

The area is classified as a nature reserve, which ensures that it will not be possible to build more here.

If you take the kayak on a trip, you will soon see caves that you can paddle into and that have spectacular colors inside, a little further away there is a very nice beach with beach restaurants open all year round. It is a 5-minute walk to La Herradura beaches and restaurants.

The association is so-called "gated", ie a remote-controlled gate keeps unwelcome cars away. Inside the gate, the house is very close.

Adorable sea views already from the front door and it will remain throughout the house.

Entrance to the entrance and on to the living / dining room with large double windows facing the sea, to the right of the front door there is a toilet. Furthermore, we enter the kitchen which has windows to the terrace and to the side sea view. The living room has a door to the terrace where the view is magnificent to the sea and cerro gordos sea cliffs on the right side. You can see the entire beach and village of La Herradura from here.

Inside the entrance, a staircase leads down to a hall with a bathroom and 3 bedrooms, all with equally nice sea views.

Another staircase down there is a large garage with .. yes, fantastic sea views. If you do not need to have the car here, there are very good opportunities for additional bedrooms, hobby rooms or mini apartments.

This apartment can do a lot with, as a suggestion you can enlarge the terrace considerably and move the kitchen in and thus expand inwards and some to the side and create a more open floor plan with more terrace space and more social spaces. The possibilities are many and there is no danger in spending money on this apartment as it is such a unique location that the value follows high up.



  • Privat Terrasse


  • Privat


  • Fælles


  • Hav

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