Finca - Cortijo til salg i Archidona

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20,000 €/m2



In the hearttland of southern Spain, Andalucia, Malaga (Archidona, Villanueva de Tapia) is located this area of peace, thanquility, relax and a place where the olive trees grow as they do since hundreds of years.

Lets talk,
A "Finca" is considered a big plot of land, a Cortijo is a big house or palace in big farm of plot of land.

So a "Finca Cortijo" is a nice big house in a big plot of land where there is plantation of olive trees.

The extension of the "Finca" is 32 Ha. That is 320.000 m2. Or 32 football fields put together side by side.

The localion is a privelege (it takes two municipalities, Archidona )
It is 35minutes from Málaga capital, Malaga beach 30minutes, 40minutes Málaga International Airport. 45minutes to Granada, 20minutes to Antequera, 90minutes to Sevilla, 75minutes to Córdoba, all the cities are connected thouhg, highway; so, isoleted form the world in the middle of the country and at the same time connected to the world, with all the facilities by car and to the rest of world through Málaga International Airport in 35minutes.

La Casa Cortijo (The Big House) It takes three main diffeerent areas.
1- " La Casa de los Señores" (The house of the owners, the house of the Lords)

It is a building finished in 2004 in Andalusian style completely new and designed by the architect Pedro Pacheco from Antequera.

It is a work of Art, yo must to see it. See the photos.
Is has 6 bedrooms, 3 complete bathrooms, 2 living rooms with chimneys one interior patio, a beatiful kitchen, 2 porches (east and west). Main entrance with columns from India.
All in two levels, 450m2. A balcony terrace facing the Finca countryside.
Central heating in all the house.

2- The house of the personnel

There is a house next to the main house with 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen an large patio for the family taking care of the maintenement of the whole Finca.

Right now there is a matrimony with one son.

3- There is service house (it contains the deposit for gas-oil, machine for central heating, pumps, cotainner of water, electric center and comunications center.
The warehouses (500m2): one of them is for the tractor and several vehicules to do the work in the "Finca" to grow the olive trees.

There is a container of 2000l of gas-oil with a hose to serve he gas-oil to the different vehicules.
The other werehouse can be used for wathever anybody would like to do, horses, cars, gym, sport..etc

The Finca has a complete watering systm with a terminal drop-drop in every olive tree; That means almost 6000 terminals, there is an underground system of tubes and pipes and pumps, to water the olive trees. Thousands of tubes and pipes to water 6000 olive trees.

Finnally, this is an ideal place in a wonderful area peaceful, tranquil isolated from the world and at the same time fully comunicated to the world and thirty minutes to the beach.

So, come and see!!!


Climate control

  • A/C
  • fireplace


  • Satelit TV


  • Fuldt møbleret


  • Privat


  • Syd
  • Sydvest
  • Vest


  • Landzone
  • shanty-house-village-1


  • wall-socket
  • Drikkevand
  • Telefon


  • Bjerge
  • Byzone
  • Vej

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